Michael Stradling – Barrister – Direct Access

It is now possible to instruct a barrister directly without the need first to instruct a solicitor. This is true for companies and businesses as well as for individuals.

There are some real advantages to this. The client can deal with their barrister from an early stage and work together on the details of the case. There will be direct contact between the barrister and the client and a working relationship between the two.

There is one obvious and important advantage: direct access can result in a far more cost effective solution for the client. Because there is only a barrister instructed and not a solicitor as well, the cost savings can be effective and significant.

I am able to offer this service.

There may be cases where it is in the interests of justice for the client to also instruct a solicitor, either from the outset or as the case has developed. In that event, I can advise you and together with my clerks you can find and instruct an appropriately expert firm. Clients should remember that while there are cases that may be reasonably straightforward, there may also be cases that have considerable complexity. A direct access case will mean that the client will be responsible for doing some or much of the preparatory work. There are many cases where this will not be a problem. In some cases a solicitor will also need to be instructed.

For further information about direct instructions, please contact my clerks on 020 7489 2727 or clerks@9bedfordrow.co.uk. They will be able to discuss the facts of your case and your payment options with you.

Alternatively, please feel free to contact me by email at or telephone 07771 763977.

Please note this scheme is only available for private instruction and is not available for legally aided cases.

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