Reduced period of disqualification from driving

I continue to develop my successful road traffic practice. When the chance arises , I represent all manner of people when they come before the criminal courts for driving matters. Clients in this type of case range from millionaire advertsising moguls to the average man in the street. All of them have the same thing in common- they find themselves in a Magistrates’ Court at risk of losing their licence.

To most people their driving licence is of crucial importance. Without the ability to drive their home and work lives can be changed dramatically.

Today, I represented a man who had had a very long period of disqualification imposed, and had applied to the Court to reduce that disqualification. This type of application is always considered carefully by the Court, and it is by no means guaranteed that the disqualification will ever be lifted. However, my client today will be able to drive again in mid-September. His ban would have lasted until mid 2014.

In all cases of drink driving and driving offences, it is always worth instructing experts. Of the experts out there barristers, such as myself, have real talent, skill and expertise when it comes to matters of advocacy. It makes sense to have a professional on side who can advise you properly and carefully through what is often a difficult process.

I can assist you with Road Traffic matters, and work well with you to achieve the best result.